Relational Care Intensives


  • Intensives are three-day and four-day therapeutic programs that offer structured, focused opportunities for personal growth and relational enrichment
  • Intensives provide a safe, supportive, environment where God’s processes for healing hurts, resolving conflicts, and alleviating fear are applied in the context of marriage, family and single adult relationships
  • Intensives are often used of God to halt the deterioration of important relationships before the pain becomes greater

What can be gained . . .

  • Understand your God-given need for relationships
  • Clearly define what you need from one another
  • Identify and address obstacles to relational intimacy
  • Develop skills for communicating heart -to-heart
  • Release painful emotions such as hurt, anger and fear
  • Learn about the impact of past events on present struggles
  • Heal relational hurts, resolve conflicts, and restore trust
  • Replace unhealthy thinking and harmful behavior patterns
  • Comfort hurts from childhood limiting our capacity to love
  • Experience freedom to love God and others more joyfully


The teachers and facilitators are professional therapists and pastoral counselors thoroughly grounded in Biblical principles for relational healing and growth. On occasion, their spouses or others from The Center for Relational Care will assist them. From time to time, Dr. David and Teresa Ferguson, Executive Directors of Intimate Life Ministries, lead portions of the program.

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