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Ashley Albertson

Post Graduate Intern

Supervised by Terah Sampler, MAMFC, LPC, CPCS

$100 per 50-minute session
$150 per 80-minute session

Ashley Albertson


  • BA in Religious Studies and Psychology, Appalachian State University

  • MA in Counseling Psychology, The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology

Areas of Focus:

Trauma, depression, body image issues, grief and loss, relational issues, spiritual and religious concerns, women’s health, psycho-somatic issues, racism and cultural issues, and life transitions.

About me...

We are created to flourish, but so many of us feel far from flourishing. We have experienced harm, pain, trauma, and wounding that leave us with a knowing that things are not as they should be. I do believe, however, that healing and flourishing are possible, and that you are meant to experience them.

Because we are made up of multiple parts, I believe that using a blend of modalities, a holistic multidisciplinary approach, is most helpful in bringing integration back to our beings. Harm, wounds, and trauma cause division and fragmentation between our body, soul, and spirit, and each part of us needs care. I work primarily through a narrative focused trauma care lens, being informed by relational psychoanalysis, attachment theory, somatic and body centered care, multicultural awareness, and mindfulness.

A little bit about me – I am originally from North Carolina but moved to Atlanta in 2017 with my husband. Since I was a little girl, I knew that I wanted to be a therapist. I love stories, whether it is the person in front of me, a good movie or novel. I believe stories are an integral part of our lives. I love my dog, Copper. I am passionate about overall bodily health and enjoy moving, cooking with ingredients from my garden, and discovering the best rhythms for my life.

We are harmed through relationships, but we are also healed through relationships. It would be an honor to witness your story and to labor together as we move towards the hope of healing.

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