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Kyle Bender

MA, LMFT Associate

Supervised by Billy Myers, M.A, LMFT-S

$120 per 50-minute session
$180 per 80-minute session

Kyle Bender


  • B.A. in Sociology, Texas A&M University

  • M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy, Liberty University

About me...

I’m a Texas native, married with 3 daughters, lifelong learner, playoff sports fan, and seek to let joy and curiosity take the lead in my life. Prior to becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, I worked with young people and their families through the local church. The theme throughout my entire life and career has been the desire to come alongside people as they navigate life and help them live as fully as possible. In part, because it is my own daily journey as well!

There are many different reasons that bring people to consider counseling, but however you got here, I’m glad

you’re here. Therapy can provide the right environment for you to experience the growth, healing, and transformation you desire.

I will work collaboratively with you towards personal and relational growth and mental and emotional wellness. We will discover together where you feel stuck, uncover strengths, rebuild connection, and move towards your goals. I will be fully present to you, allowing you to bring your whole self to this experience. My approach is to provide a safe and respectful place where you can be heard and empowered to seek the change and healing you desire.

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