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Lana McNair


Marriage Intensive Liaison

$160 per 50-minute session
$240 per 80-minute session

Lana McNair

Additional Training

Eye Movement Desensitization + Reprocessing (EMDR)

Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional (CIMHP)

Intimacy Therapy

Areas of Focus



Play therapy




Ministry leaders and pastors

General life stressors, adjustments, and transitions

About Me

I begin my morning routine with a trip to a kitchen cabinet. The one where I reach in and make the decision: what will be my mug of choice for the day? Our cabinet is messy. And full. There may be a few small sets of pretty matching mugs, but for the most part, it’s a display of sentiment, personality, accomplishments, and experiences. Each one brings to mind a memory, a person, a place, or maybe a relationship. Each cup has a story. My story includes tales of being a wife, a mom, an adoptive family, and a therapist, among so much more. I wonder what your cup would tell? I find it such an honor to provide clients a safe space to come, sit, share, and learn as we seek to find healing together. So, for every brave soul looking for a seat to warm and filled with a story to share, I raise my mug to you!

I offer

-Individual therapy for children, adolescents, or adults seeking support in the areas of focus listed above.

-Pre-marital packages for equipping couples prior to marriage (*based on availability).

-Parent-coaching sessions for care-givers and families as they work together through grief, loss, hardship, crises and adoption-related aches.

-Private individual, family, or marriage intensives.

-Consults or ongoing therapy through an Integrative Medicine lens for those seeking education on alternatives to medications for mental health needs or diagnoses.

-Counseling and consults to those serving in (or impacted by) ministry, church-trauma, and/or pastoring.

-Training for teams and groups seeking specific expertise or education related to mental and emotional health, or topics can be chosen from a pre-set list of offerings (*available upon request).

All therapy is offered through a faith-based and trauma-informed lens, with integrative medicine supporting as needed, or requested. Lana accomplishes this via EMDR, Intimacy Therapy, play therapy, and Integrative Medicine models (or a blend of these) and executes the work via individual therapy, pre-marital counseling, consults, or training/equipping means (including workshops, psycho-education, conferences, etc.).

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