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David Ferguson
D.Phil., D.Litt, LPC

CRC Founder

Dr. David Ferguson developed the Intimacy Therapy model. David is also a minister, author, speaker, and Licensed Professional Counselor. He and his wife, Teresa, are Executive Directors of Intimate Life Ministries and the Great Commandment Network, serving churches throughout the world with resources and training for deepening intimacy with God and others. The Center for Relational Care was originally established as a part of Intimate Life Ministries. David’s graduate work in theology, counseling, and social sciences focused on the Great Commandment principle and its impact on relationships, ministry, and culture. He earned a M.Ed. from Southwest Texas State University as well as a D.Phil. and a Litt.D. from Oxford Graduate School, where he is a member of the Society of Scholars. David’s books include The Pursuit of Intimacy, Intimate Encounters, Parenting With Intimacy, The Great Commandment Principle, Relational Foundations, Relational Leadership, Relational Discipleship, and Never Alone. David and Teresa live in Austin and have three adult children—
Terri, Robin, and Eric.

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