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Practicing Presence

Join us for a 4 week course on Practicing Presence
Take one hour of your week to retrain your brain and body to pause, notice, listen and connect. 
Next group TBD!

By being a part of the Practicing Presence course you will learn tools to:  

  • Train your brain and nervous system to expand its capacity and process big emotions 

  • Be more present, engaged and connected with yourself, your loved ones and God

  • Experience, encounter and embody peace, love and joy

  • Gain clarity to think through all the things

4 week virtual course

Next Group TBD!

$210 includes all 4 sessions

* 50% discount offered for alumni, contact Janai for details

Don't worry if you miss a session. 

Sessions will be recorded and available for your review.


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Group Facilitator

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This is a time to practice and experience tools which help us regulate our nervous system, process emotions and make decisions.  Our nervous systems seem to get hijacked on a regular basis with panic attacks and feelings of overwhelm.  It’s time to make the choice to be more intentional, aware and engaged with ourselves and with those whom we love and care about.  By practicing weekly, you will create new neuro-pathways for your brain to respond instead of react.  By the end of the course, you will walk away over 10+ practical tools to help you deal with stress, overwhelm, anxiety and shutdown.  Will you join me?

You may also consider this course if you are ready to begin your healing journey and are having to be on a waitlist or as a resource to support your already therapeutic process.  I invite you to take the time for yourself. 

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