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Private Intensives

Relational Care Intensive retreats are multi-day therapeutic experiences that offer structured, focused opportunities for personal growth and relational enrichment.

The Process

Accelerated Relational Care (ARC) Process

Is your relationship in crisis?

Are you interested in what we do but live out of town?

The Accelerated Relational Care process was developed to provide additional support for relationships in crisis or for those who do not live locally.

Rather than meet weekly for an hour, we offer the option of longer sessions and intensive retreats to address underlying issues rather than settling for managing symptomatic behaviors.


The ARC process helps people experience biblical principles for healing and growth, replacing unhealthy patterns and brings hope and healing to broken relationships, wounded hearts, and damaged lives.

Phone Consultation

Schedule a free 10-15 minute phone consultation with our Intensive Intake Coordinator to answer any preliminary questions about private intensives and the process.  

Clinical Consultation

If you decide that you are interested in attending a Private Intensive, the Intensive Intake Coordinator will help you schedule a 90-min Clinical Consultation Session with one of our staff counselors.

The purpose of the consultation is to:

  • Discuss your goals and expectations 

  • Gain understanding about your current relationship dynamics

  • Address any questions or concerns you may have

There is no set fee for private intensives, the total cost is based on the hourly rate of the individual counselor and the length of the intensive experience, to be determined between you and your counselor.  

Private Intensive

The private intensive is a safe, caring environment where you can express your needs, set goals, get help identifying underlying issues, and find relief for painful emotions.  Our counselors will also share the biblical principles and therapeutic processes used to facilitate growth and healing.

You may participate in one or more extended sessions to help you begin replacing unproductive patterns with healthy alternatives. This accelerated approach often benefits those facing relational challenges involving anger, conflict, distrust, controlling behavior, and emotional disconnects. You may gain new perspective as you work on healing hurts from the past, alleviating fear, experiencing truth-filled identity, and renewing hope and trust for the future.

Private Intensives are an excellent option for those who live far from the Center. 

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