What does your child need the most?


New group begins September 7

Image by Yuri Shirota
​Training can help parents:
  • Reduce or eliminate behavior problems

  • Enhance the parent-child relationship and marital relationship

  • Develop responsibility, creativity and self-control in children

  • By recognizing emotional needs increase the child's self esteem and self-confidence

  • Increase parents' feelings of warmth for their children

  • Return control to parents by recognizing therapeutic limit setting

Audra Niedzielski, LPC, RPT, PMH-C

CRC Staff Counselor

When children have problems, sometimes they don’t have the words to talk about them.​

Play gives children a way to communicate feelings they don’t understand or can’t express any other way.

Motivated parents can be trained to be as effective as play therapists using play therapy skills with their own children.

​Trainings offered:
  • Independent sessions with a counselor 

  • Group Trainings in the Spring and Fall