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We believe the greatest human need is the ability to maintain relational connection with God and others.  The inability to have and keep healthy, intimate relationships can contribute to life’s problems, which often cause people to seek the assistance of a counselor.




We all have a God-given need for relationships with God and others. The CRC Intimacy Therapy model can help you identify and address obstacles to relational connection and provide skills for communicating heart-to-heart in the context of any human relationship.

The CRC provides a safe, supportive environment where God’s processes for healing hurts, resolving conflicts, and alleviating fear can be applied to help both partners restore trust and overcome unhealthy thinking or behaviors.

The CRC provides family counseling that builds connection between parent and child, using modalities such as play therapy and sandtray therapy.

Accelerated Relational Care (ARC) Process

Do you need immediate support?
Do you live out of town?

Find out how the ARC process can help with accelerating the traditional counseling process. 


Rather than meet weekly for an hour, we offer the option of longer sessions and intensive retreats to address underlying issues rather than settling for managing symptomatic behaviors.


The ARC process helps people experience biblical principles for healing and growth, replacing unhealthy patterns and brings hope and healing to broken relationships, wounded hearts, and damaged lives.


An assessment session begins in a safe, caring environment where you can express your needs, set goals, get help identifying underlying issues, and find relief for painful emotions. Our counselors will also share the biblical principles and therapeutic processes used to facilitate growth and healing.  This session typically lasts 90 minutes.


Following the assessment, you may participate in one or more extended sessions to help you begin replacing unproductive patterns with healthy alternatives. This accelerated approach often benefits those facing relational challenges involving anger, conflict, distrust, controlling behavior, and emotional disconnects. You may gain new perspective as you work on healing hurts from the past, alleviating fear, experiencing truth-filled identity, and renewing hope and trust for the future.  Mini-intensives are typically 4-hour sessions.


The opportunity for deeper healing is available through our Intensive retreats. Find additional growth and freedom from dysfunctional patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving as you experience healthy alternatives within a caring, connected group. During the Intensive retreats participants have the opportunity to find freedom from pain and dysfunctional patterns acquired during childhood and gain a deeper understanding of “leaving father and mother” (Gen. 2:24). This experience also serves to deepen your intimacy with God by addressing unresolved early life experiences.​


Intensives for couples last 4 days, whereas those for families or individual adults typically last 3 days. Intensive retreats are an excellent option for those who live far from the Center.




After attending an Intensive Retreat, our counseling staff will continue to be available for any supplemental support needed to help incorporate new learnings and implement new skills into current relationships.​

ARC Process

Trauma Recovery

Our counselors are trained to help you recover from trauma in a safe, comfortable environment in which you can experience spiritual and relational healing and learn how to live in the present instead of feeling trapped by your past.

Spiritual Growth

For individuals, couples, or families, our biblically-based therapeutic approach provides a supportive environment in which to deepen your relationship with God.

Premarital Counseling



8 hours of counseling specifically tailored to your relationship

PREPARE/ENRICH custom report

Twogether in Texas certificate ($60 waiver for TX marriage license fee) 


  • Increase awareness of both strength and potential growth areas

  • Learn valuable skills related to communication, conflict resolution, financial management, and stress management

  • Become aware of potential important issues before they turn into major problems

  • Explore relationship dynamics and how they can be influenced by families-of-origin

  • Increase insight and awareness in important areas such as expectations, sexuality,

  • spiritual beliefs, roles, and personality differences

  • Develop personal, couple, and family goals


  • Premarital counseling is conducted over 3 sessions

  • Session #1 (1 hr):

    • Initial Assessment, identify goals

    • After appointment, complete the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment online (additional $35 fee)

  • Session #2 (3.5 hrs)

    • Review PREPARE/ENRICH results

    • Communication, emotional attunement and conflict resolution

  • Session #3 (3.5 hrs)

    • Relational dynamics

    • Experiences in each family-of-origin and how those experiences could impact current relationship


*Note: Session content subject to change based on individual needs and goals.

To get started, contact our Intake Coordinator at 512.492.6200

Premarital Counseling
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