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Dawn Delaney


Executive Director

$150 per 50-minute session
$225 per 80-minute session

Dawn Delaney

Dawn Delaney provides counseling primarily for individual adults. She considers it an honor to journey with people through the messiness of life. Whether in crisis, processing a traumatic event, going through transition, or simply needing support, Dawn enjoys helping people make sense of their own story so that they can move forward in places where they feel stuck. She also likes to incorporate creativity and right-brained techniques such as sandtray into her work with adult clients. Dawn believes that God longs to bring healing and freedom in each person’s life, and that healing happens primarily through relationships. Having experienced her own traumatic loss, Dawn has a lot of compassion for those who are in any stage of grieving. Dawn received her MA in Professional Counseling at Texas State University, and her BBA in Management at the University of Texas in Austin. Dawn has a huge heart for cross-cultural ministry, and has lived and worked overseas. She has also worked in a professional business setting for many years. Dawn is active in her local church, loves being outdoors, relaxing with friends, cooking, running, and going on new adventures.

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