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Parenting in a Pandemic

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

CRC-Atlanta Licensed Professional Counselor Terah Sampler had the opportunity to share about Parenting in a Pandemic at East Cobb Presbyterian Church's Student Ministry Parent Night on Sunday, January 31st. As an EMDR-trained trauma counselor, Terah offered her perspective on how the COVID-19 pandemic qualifies as a traumatic event, and how this should inform our parenting.

Terah cares for couples and individual adults at CRC's Woodstock, GA office. She is passionate about helping people heal and grow past painful and traumatic experiences, whether those happened in childhood or adulthood. She also partners with CRC-Atlanta's child and adolescent therapists to give care to parents whose children are under our care. CRC-Atlanta offers care for children and teens who are struggling with anxiety, sadness, peer / relational challenges, school difficulties, and a variety of other issues.

If you are interested in scheduling an initial consult with Terah or learning more information about Center for Relational Care, please reach out to CRC-Atlanta at 678-653-3272 or by completing the information request form at



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